Call Centre Hardware

Thanks to the internet, more and more companies are depending on call centres as their support staff. This helps them save money, as they do not have to hire a large number of staff to attend to calls by their customers, it also allows them to offer support to their overseas customers in their native language. If you are looking to start a lucrative business, start a call centre today and earn money beyond your wildest dreams. However, you need special hardware to run this business successfully. This article provides you a glimpse of what you will require to run such a business.

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Hardware and more hardware

You need various types of hardware for your business, such as computers, phone systems, a server connecting the different computers of your organization to each other, and noise isolated headsets (containing of a combination of headphone and microphone) for each member of the support staff. You should initially lease computers instead of purchasing them. Apart from saving you plenty of cash that you can utilise elsewhere, they also protect your finances in case you are not able to run the business successfully and want to wind up. You should also consider checking prices of business phones from different business phone providers, and purchase your requirement from a company that offers you the best technology and round the clock support at the lowest price.

Other important hardware

Can you imagine the harm the reputation of your business may suffer if it shuts down for a considerable period due to a blackout? You need a combination of a generator that has the capability of supplying enough power to all the electrical systems of your office. Isolate the computer from the main line and connect them to an uninterrupted power supply system, preferably those that outputs pure sine waves, and has an instantaneous electronic switchover system. This comes in handy when the power fails, as it will take your staff some time to start the generator.

Phone systems etc

The phone systems should be connected to an electronic EPABX (electronic private automatic branch exchange), with a hunting system. This allows incoming calls to be diverted to the first available support staff. In telephony terms, hunting means distributing incoming phone calls to a single number to a group of phone lines. Ensure that the microphones of the headsets are unidirectional and isolated. This prevents noise of other members of the support staff from being picked up by the microphone of another colleague sitting close to him.